Fidelis Law Corporation

Fidelis Law Corporation is a Singapore-based boutique law firm with a distinct focus on delivering excellence for our esteemed clients in the local and international legal market. We are small in quantity but big on quality, efficiency and agility.

With the support of a tight-knit team, we strive to provide our clients (both individuals and entities) the best legal advice and support with clarity, confidence and a strong commitment to integrity and excellence.

Our practice areas include civil and commercial litigation, arbitration, mediation and personal legal matters. Our core area of practice lies in building and construction claims, which also includes adjudication under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (“SOPA”).

The experience that we have in dispute resolution covers an expansive range of issues in the State Courts, High Court and the Court of Appeal as well as mediation under the Singapore Mediation Centre (“SMC”) and arbitration under the rules of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (“SIArb”) and the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (“SIAC”).

Radika Mariapan

Radika graduated from the National University of Singapore with a LLB (Hons). She was admitted as Advocate and Solicitor in the Supreme Court of Singapore in 2010.

Radika acts for individuals and corporate entities in civil and commercial disputes with an emphasis on disputes involving the Building and Construction Industry (including adjudication under the Security of Payment Act and arbitration).

Radika has acted for many clients in numerous adjudication applications over the years. She also single-handedly and successfully acted for a client in reversing the High Court’s decision to set aside an adjudication determination under the SOP Act in the Court of Appeal (Grouteam Pte Ltd v UES Holdings Pte Ltd [2016] SGCA 59).

Radika also possesses extensive know-how in advisory and drafting work, including reviewing and drafting agreements and contracts, and has advised on regulatory compliances, risk management and dispute avoidance for small to large scale projects.

Radika aims to provide her clients the most straightforward, practical and cost-efficient solutions to her clients’ matters. Her exceptional work ethic coupled with her specialized experience, skills and broad range of in-depth knowledge across different areas of the law has earned her an excellent reputation and established confidence with her clients.