About Us

Yeoh & Joanne is a boutique law firm newly established in April 2015 by two aspiring founders, Joanne and Tung Seng. They share the same ideals in their legal practice specialising in litigation and dispute resolution, something that they are passionate about and have been in practice for more than 5 years before starting up the firm.

Aside from general litigation, Joanne has extensive experience handling divorce, custody and adoption cases, while Tung Seng as a registered trademark agent, offers his legal expertise in area of law relating to intellectual property. The fact that our partners are in general litigation with their own areas of specialty, our partners are able to support their clients’ business by providing comprehensive and thorough advisory services but with cost-effective manner.

Importantly, Yeoh & Joanne distinguishes themselves from the other law firms where the partners ensure that they handle each of their client’s file in person focusing on providing professional and legal advice tailored to each of its client’s case with the aim to resolve the situation in the most effective way.

Trust Yeoh & Joanne with your legal problems for the best solution.

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